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Top 10 Vietnam beautiful islands for your great vacations

Top 10 Vietnam beautiful islands for your great vacations

Are you planning for a vacations with beaches and islands? Let's put these destinations to your list. You will have a great relaxing time of the young to enjoy Vietnam beautiful islands.

1. Ba Lua Island

Ba Lua Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. Here there are three big islands: Lon island, Ngang island, Nhum Ba island and some other small islands. Coming to this island, you will get the chance to catch seafood and try right in the place.
Ba Lua Island - a destination of the young.
When the water level is equal to the stomach, you can easily walk from the island to other islands without lifebuoy or any swimming assistant equipment. Standing in middle of sea water will give you the both afraid and interested feeling. In addition, you will explore some small uncultivated islands, and I believe that you cannot ignore the experience of being the owner of the island in a day.

2. Binh Hung island

The island is near to Binh Ba Island, and it is also suggested to visit by many travelers. It takes only 5 minutes to take a boat to the island, so there are boats every time. Binh Hung Island is not still explored for tourism, so it is quite deserted.
Binh Hung Island is a wonderful place of Nha Trang.
You also should visit fresh water beach. The reason for the name comes from that there is a fresh water stream running through and beyond is the sea. Some other things in Binh Hung attracts people are lighthouse Hon Chut, Da Trung beach and the same services in Binh Ba. In addition, there is also so beautiful Kinh beach with 3- colored water sea which is very clear, and the smooth white sand is so charming.

3. Nam Du island

The island is in Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province, and is a wild island which has not still fully exploited about tourism as Phu Quoc. This has made Nam Du island more mysterious. Some activities you can do here are bathing at Cay Men beach, Ngu beach, visiting lighthouse Nam Du, taking a boat to the near islands such as Mau island, Ngang island…
Nam Du Island - the famous choice in Kien Giang.
The strong point of Nam Du is that the services and hotels are very cheap. Before arriving, you should contact to the local people, so they can prepare to welcome you. Especially, the Nam Du residents are very happy, hospitable and they have high awareness of environment protection. It is the main reason that Nam Du island keeps the pristine till to now.

4. Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham is far from Hoi An about 15km, including 8 nearby islands. This place owns Lang beach, Huong beach or more pristine beaches as Chong beach, Xep beach. The fresh water from streams flows all day. Therefore, people can plant rice on the island. Many tourists are interested in this, they would like to go down to the field. Because on the island, rocky land is more than rich soil, but the attempt of local people to make rice on this land kind is useful. There are many kinds of fruits and flower on this island.
Cham Island is a great place for snorkeling and walking under the sea.
Cham Island is a great place for snorkeling and walking under the sea.
Coming to Cu Lao Cham, visitors not only dive to see the coral reef, but they are also interested in watching people farming. People in Cu Lao Cham. They only need take boat to the sea, they will have a full meal with seafood. Cu Lao Cham is also recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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5. Binh Ba island

Binh Ba Island is placed in Khanh Hoa province and only about 15 km from Cam Ranh port, so you can easily come to this place in any season of a year. It is sure that the cost of traveling and eating is very cheap. And you only need enjoy all the clear beaches in Binh Ba with the stomach full of seafood. Binh Ba is also famous for Chuong beach, Nom beach, Nha Cu beach where you can enjoy the time to see the sunrise or watch the coral reef, go fishing. The specialties of Binh Ba is lobster processed by the real fisherman and sold with the original price. Because this island has been recently exploited, the price of services is quite cheap. However someone overexploited the island, this has made a change of the wilderness and tidiness here. One special thing in this place is that it is not allowed for foreign visitors to come in, but only for Vietnamese people.
the pathway to Binh Ba beach on Binh Ba Island.

6. Phu Quy island (Cu Lao Thu)

Besides the name Cu Lao Thu, Phu Quy Island also has many other names such as Khoai Xu, Thuan Tinh island, etc. This island is far from Phan Thiet about 120 km and has an area of 16 km square. But it still hide many attractive things. With only a motorbike, you can come to the tomb of Nai teacher to understand more about the history of establishing the island, stand on the top of Mui Doi to see the sea wave surf or visit Trieu Duong beach- the most romantic beach on this island.
Phu Quy Island with the tranquil water of the sea.
And you also should go to Cao Cat mountain which has Linh Son pagoda inside the cliffs, lighthouse Cam mountain- where you can see the most beautiful sunset of Viet Nam. Crab Sulfur and Red Grouper are specialties of the island that you cannot ignore. On the other hand, Phu Quoc Island also has its own coastal roads which are so beautiful that you just see once, you will never forget them.

7. Co To island

Only with one to two days, you can explore all CoTo island in Quang Ninh city. In other islands, you have to visit by motorbikes or boats, but coming to CoTo Island, you only need ride bicycles.
Co To Island is amazing with the colorful homestay along the beach.
Co To Island is amazing with the colorful homestay along the beach.
The outstanding places on the island you should visit are Co To Lighthouse, Van Chai, Hong Van wharf, Bac Van port, Cau My rocky beach and do not forget Co To Con- a deserted island near Co To. A suggestion for you is to wake up early, go to market to buy seafood such as squid, oyster... then you bake them near the sea in the evening. Especially if you are careful and meticulous, you can make BBQ table made from the sand on the Co To beach.

Refer other interesting islands of Halong Bay.

8. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is one of famous tourism destination, in top 3 most beautiful winter visiting place voted by National Geographic or top 10 Asia one's ideal sea travel destinations. Phu Quoc island luckily owns the most beautiful beaches in the world such as Sao beach, Dai beach and dozens of other wild beaches; various seafood like urchin, shellfish, fish… along with exciting experiences such as seeing the coral reef, squid fishing, watching sunset at Cau palace, or going through the national forest. All of them really strongly attract travelers.
Let's indulge yourself into the wonderful atmosphere of private islands of Phu Quoc.
Let's indulge yourself into the wonderful atmosphere of private islands of Phu Quoc.
The most wonderful thing for you to try in Phu Quoc is to hire a motorbike to go around the isand, the railway system has not been completed so it creates challenges for drivers. However you also should be careful to drive, because the traffic police on the island are very strict.

Let's find some good ideas for your trip to Phu Quoc to combine with Mekong Delta Tours in 5 days or 6 days. While Phu Quoc Island is fascinating with the charming beaches, Mekong Delta is authentic and busy with the life of a tropical river. 2 days or 3 days in Mekong Delta, then you can countine relaxing, escaping the routine life on Phu Quoc.

9. Ly Son Island (Cu Lao Re)

Though to Quang Ngai residents or the Central people in general, Ly Son is there and has ancient value of history; till now it has become a new visiting place for travelers. There are not many hotels in Ly Son Island, so many people open homestays for tourists, or you can tent up at Be Island overnight to eat and rest without any cost.
Ly Son - a new attractions for your summer in Vietnam.
Ly Son - a new attractions for your summer in Vietnam.
Ly Son has To Vo Gate, Quan Am Dai Pagoda, Hang Pagoda, Hang Cau Pagoda and the flagpole on Thoi Lap Mountain and some other temples. The specialties here is garlic and other seafood such as Tuong snail, Huynh De crab, Ta Ma fish… Be island is the center of most beautiful beaches, so you do not forget to pay a visit to this place when coming to Phu Quoc.

10. Con Son Island (Con Son)

It is undeniable that Con Son island is very well- known, especially it is chosen to visit by the whole family of 'Brangelina' when coming to Vietnam. To the people loving traveling, Con Dao is the must visiting place in their life. Thanks to being far from the main land and managed well, the island still preserves the original beauty although many resorts and relaxing areas have been built.
Con Son Island - Con Dao
You have to remember going to Hang Duong cemetery to light up incense for heroic martyrs lying down during the war at ... 12 o'clock at night. You also do not need to worry, the sparkling golden light and the smell of incense will make the fear run quickly and instead is the national pride in the vast space. In addition, another destination you can come to explore is Dam Trau beach- the most beautiful one on Con Dao and Bay Canh Island. Getting knowledge about the history of Con Dao is too the interesting thing for travelers here to experience.

Do you know? Con Dao is listed for the Vietnam adventure. Don't miss Vietnam adventure tours in Con Dao Island if you want to trek through out its rain forest, see sea-turtle give eggs, dive to under the sea with colorful coral reef... This is a real paradise to enjoy the private atmosphere.