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Top 20 most beautiful Vietnam beaches to visit

Top 20 most beautiful Vietnam beaches to visit

Vietnam is the country owning the coastal more than 2025 miles, so it is not surprising that Vietnam has many beautiful beaches and as well small bays with white sand, blue water which is suitable for the scuba diving. On the day you can sunbath and in the late afternoon you can watch the sunset, this is really wonderful.

1. Dai beach, Phu Quoc

Dai beach is a clear, beautiful and very pristine one in the northwest of Phu Quoc. This place has the coastal nearly 20 km long and is considered as the paradise with the sunshine, cool water and wild quiet space; it is a really ideal destination for sunbathing, watching sunset and swimming. Especially, Dai beach was voted as one in the top of 13 most beautiful and pristine beaches all over the world in 2008.

2. Sao beach, Phu Quoc

Sao beach, a paradise for relaxing of Phu Quoc Island.
This beach is in the list of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc island. And with charming white sand and calm clear blue water, Sao beach is suitable for kayaking and scuba diving. Nowadays, Sao beach is the preferred destination of couples or families due to private and quiet space for resting and relaxing.

From Mekong to Phu Quoc Island is one of the most hunted route to escape to cold winter. With the hot weather all-year-round, you totally swim in Phu Quoc and reveal the floating life on Mekong Delta at everytime you want.

3. Nha Trang beach

Located in Nha Trang bay, Nha Trang beach is considered as the title holder in all the beaches of Viet Nam and has been chosen for vacation of many tourists, both the domestic and foreign ones for many recent years. This is the most beautiful beach in Viet Nam with blue sea, white sand stretching and it is also voted as one of 99 the most wonderful beaches of the world by the National Geographic magazine in mid-November 2010. Along with the small islands offshore, Nha Trang is the tranquil heaven for tourists to visit and enjoy a day full of sun, wind and wave. Besides along the costal is the area for tourists to fly a kite as leisure and entertainment.

4. Hon Chong, Nha Trang

Hon Chong (Husband Islet) in Nha Trang.
This is one of the attractive visiting places of Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) with piling large rocks regardless of the strong wave and rain. In the position protruding out of the sea, the space of Hon Chong looks like apart from the bustled space of the street. People share that it is the best place to enjoy all the view of the sea city.

5. Ho Coc beach, Vung Tau

This is the pristine beach which has been discovered recently with clear blue water, vast swimming area, gentle slope, and especially it is very romantic by the rocks placed right in the beach, creating exciting sea waves. Many people also compare the beach as a virgin girl. When swimming in this beach, tourists will have the feeling as being lost in the nature, deep themselves into the cool water to experience the remain, the wilderness of the forest and the ocean.

6. Doc Let beach

Don't forget Doc Let beach in Nha Trang.
This is the beach in Ninh Hai Commune, Ninh Hoa District, having the smooth white sand stretching, clear blue sea water and the rows of poplar covering more than 2.5 km along the coast, this is really a wonderful beach. The beach is also pristine with the gentle surface regardless of the strong wind. The tourists are totally conquered by the scene of on shore and in front of Doc Let beach. On the other hand, this place is very near the famous Van Phong bay. Paying a visit here, visitors also come to see fishing villages, salt fields, Hon Khoi area, Hon Heo. There is a vast range of entertainment here for you to freely choose such as swimming pools, kiosks, hotels, restaurants...

7. Dai Lanh beach

Luckily Khanh Hoa is given many beautiful beaches by the nature. Unlike Nha Trang, Doc Let, Bai Dai, ... Dai Lanh is quite wild and less affected by people’ activities. Here there is a smooth white sand, the clear blue sea water and gentle slope, so you can swim far from the shore. Beside is the source of fresh water blending into the sea, and is not dry all the year. On the other hand, one of the most outstanding landscapes of the country is Dai Lanh due to smooth white spit of sand, uneven waves of the sea, the crowded fishing villages and romantic scenes of mountains and sea.

8. My Khe beach, Quang Ngai

My Khe beach - the charm of Da Nang.
My Khe beach is located on Highway 24B, and far from Quang Ngai town about 15 km, Dung Quat port about 16 km, but near Sa Ky port in Co Luy village, Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai province. The tourists are impressed by the calm and tranquility here with the coast 7 km long covered by the green forest of poplar and the crescent sea. Besides resting and bathing, you can also pay a visit to the war remnants Son My.

9. Cua Dai beach, Hoi An

It is known as the most beautiful beach of Quang Nam with the long white sand, the light waves swepting everything far away in the sunny afternoon, creating the young and lively beauty. About 5 km from Hoi An town to the east is Cua Dai tourist resort where the Thu Bon river flows into the sea with smooth white sand, clean water, ecological garden, fishing villages covered row of green coconut trees. People compare Cua Dai as the charm of Hoi An.

10. An Bang beach, Hoi An

An Bang beach - the quiet place for readers in Hoi An
The 4 km long beach owns fresh natural beauty and various floristic composition, and it is far from the center of Hoi An town about 3 km to the east, near the old Hoi An business port. The special thing in this beach is the layer of smooth and soft sand, the wave here is also very gentle, this gives tourist the melodious feeling. This place is also considered as the gate welcoming domestic and foreign visitors to Hoi An, so the tourism here is very potential.

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11. Con Dao beach

Con Dao is an isolated beach offshore of Viet Nam. However, this place still keeps the pristine, mysterious beauty of the nature for the tourists to explore. When setting your feet on Con Dao, you will firstly see smooth white sand and clear blue water, and especially Dam Trau beach- the most beautiful beach here.
In 2011, Con Dao was voted into the top 20 most enigmatic islands by Travel And Leisure Magazine. And with many attractive visiting places here, this beach has been payed attention to by international travel experts.

12. Ca Na beach

Located in Ninh Thuan Province, South Central Vietnam, Ca Na is one of the most beautiful beaches in Viet Nam, the sea tourism area of Ninh Thuan province. The water of the sea is also clean and blue, the white sand is next to the rocky mountains reaching the sea. Besides, Hon Lao is near this area, and it is where many kinds of sea bird are living. There are services here as restaurants, hotels with many seafood dishes.

13. Ninh Chu beach ( Ninh Thuan)

Ninh Chu beach - a primary attraction of Ninh Thuan.
In Binh Son village, Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan province, Ninh Chu beach is known as one of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in Central Viet Nam. Due to the wonderful landscapes and potential tourism area, it has attracted many visitors to see, enjoy and entertain. This beach has the length of about 10 km, the coast is arc- shaped, the water is blue, the sand is even white, the air is very fresh and there are waves crashing all the year. This is an ideal place for the activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing, yachting, hiking, hunting…

14. My Khe beach (Da Nang)

When The Sunday Herald Sun newspaper listed top 10 beaches in Asia which is the most preferred by Australian, My Khe beach in Da Nang was given the comment: “ A bout the coast, Australians are advantaged very much. However we still run following the beaches which is sandy or full of more sunlight”. The first impression tourists have on this beach is that the water is clear blue and very cool, the sand is long and beautiful. We can say that it is really a beautiful beach and typical of foreign style.

15. Quy Nhon beach (Binh Dinh)

Explore the sunset of Quy Nhon beach.
Quy Nhon beach is stretching in the arc shape and embracing the sparkling sand, they look like the lovers of each other. There are two sides with the sea of crashing waves and modern hothels, resorts which are toward to the direction of the sea wind. Standing here, you can see the row of coconut trees swinging themselves in the wind, and in the distance is the clean blue color of the ocean blended with the fresh color of the sky. In Quy Nhon, there are also many pristine beaches owning the paradise beauty which the nature gives such as Trung beach, Ghenh Rang beach – Tien Sa, Dai beach…

16. Non Nuoc beach, Da Nang

Belonging to Nha Trang coast strip, Non Nuoc beach used to be voted by Forbes Magazine (the top American newspaper) as one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world. This beach is next to Ngu Hanh Son and far from Da Nang center about 8 km to the southeast. With 5 km stretching length, Non Nuoc beach seems embracing 5 mountains, the sand here is smooth with gentle slope, blue sea water, strong wind, along with the sunlight blend with the warm weather in the winter and cool weather in the summer.

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17. The beach Cat Co 1, 2, 3, Cat Ba

There are so many small and big beaches in Cat Ba, but Cat Co beach cliff (Cat Co 1, 2, 3) is visited by almost tourists by the various landscapes. Cat Co 1 beach is the largest and most beautiful one of them and curves the mountains. Here the wave crashes all the year, the air is very fresh and the water is blue clean, so many tourists choose this place to rest and bath. Besides, Cat Co 2 beach is peaceful and a little mysterious, but the Cat Co 3 beach is in a quite modern color.

18. Doi Duong beach, Phan Thiet

Doi Duong is a beach and a park located in the center of Phan Thiet city. In the resorts, Ham Tien- Mui Ne is the beach only for tourists here, in contrast Doi Duong is a public beach for all people. The name came from that in the past this large space was used to plant very many poplar tree to prevent the wind. Nowadays the area to planting poplar is narrowed to build Novotel Phan Thiet. And the official name of Doi Duong beach is now Doi Duong park.

19. Halong Bay

Reveal Halong Bay on kayaking.
In Ha Long there are many beautiful beaches, especially Tuan Chau beach (artificial beach with the sand stretching 2 km long in Tuan Chau tourism area, far from the tourist port about 8 km);  the beautiful Quan Lan beach still remains the wilderness and the unpolluted environment; Ba Trai Dao beach has 3 arc- shaped beaches embracing the foot of the island, in the distance they look like three peaches; Bai Chay- a artificial beach is very vast and beautiful, next to the coast of Ha Long bay. Huffington Post Magazine of America voted Ha Long bay as one of ten beaches having the most wonderful coast all over the world.

20. Quan Lan beach, Bai Tu Long bay

This is one of the most pristine and charming beaches of Viet Nam. Here there are beautiful Minh Chau beach with white sand, Son Hao beach with romantic space and and sparking golden sand stretching, the green forest of poplar, green sea spinach; and all of things seems never being affected by people’ hands.

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